About Me

I am Francisco Bautista. Most popularly known as “Eboy”. An alumnus of ABS-CBN’s The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. I started the show at a whopping 481 pounds and was ranked at being the 5th heaviest in all versions of Biggest Loser around the world.

Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate accident while I was in camp, I had to leave the camp 10 weeks down but 97 pounds lighter.

Blogging about my life wasn’t the main reason why I made this page. I am a geek and I think I can say I am pretty deep at my geekhood. Aside from general geekery, I also like to weed out the fake stories from the real ones. I am, what you can say, a person who generally wants to help people.

Being in the show has taught me a lot of things. One of which is to never give up on a dream. I never knew I had that dream until I was given the opportunity to realize it. Now, my new dream is to help everybody around me to realize their dream as well.

This page deals with what interests me. One obvious thing is technology. I will definitely blog about that, as well.


With that, I own and manage 3 Facebook like pages, 2 of which are linked to their official Twitter accounts:

My Official Facebook Fan PageMy Official Google+ Page and Official Twitter Account
Nerd Herd Pilipinas and Official Twitter Account
Hoax Folks Pinas

Feel free to go around the page. Suggestions are welcome.

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